media and critics

"As thoughtful and thought-provoking as it is inspired and inspiring, 'Mindful Gratitude: Practicing the Art of Appreciation' is an exceptionally engaging read from cover to cover and will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to both community and academic library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections and personal reading lists."

-Small Press Bookwatch, February 2018

"Mindful Gratitude: Practicing the Art of Appreciation offers much more than a singular self-help or new age approach, using personal stories paired with 'reflection points' to consider individual lives and wider-ranging world collections. The journey begins with author Christel B. Wendelberger's own life and progresses to essays that embrace not only personal experiences of losing and finding people and purposes in life, but larger issues of social conditions and finding meaning in modern life and its systems. The result is a lively 'must have' for any who would cultivate a mindful approach to life."

-California Bookwatch, January 2018

 "…A great book. We get a lot of book pitches, but this one really spoke to me."

-Kim Murphy, Fox 6 News Wake Up

"The feel of the pages of your book, bring happiness in itself."

-Tiffany Ogle, The Morning Blend



“Christel Wendelberger writes with such precise detail that it takes your mind out of the ordinary ways of thinking about life and into the extraordinary. Her personal essays are relatable to those of us who have full, busy lives with family. She layers her personal insight into the stories, reminding us of the poetic beauty of small, important, reflective moments. Her essays range from tragic to funny but are all presented with love and an unwavering gratitude for life.”

“What a joy it was to open this book and start reflecting! Wendelberger's gift is to tell stories that resonate and remind us what makes life so special. Every day there are little hiccups, and occasionally big things, that can take us out of gratitude. Her reflections were so lovely that I started reading it with my husband. We paused after each chapter to discuss and see what memories surfaced. This book proved to be a wonderful way to reconnect both the with moment and my partner.”

 “A beautifully written book with an incredibly powerful message. I read it slowly to make it last longer!!

 “I have been completely mesmerized by the eloquent thoughts, emotions and self-awareness that is conveyed in each of the chapters…There is truly something for everyone in this book. I found myself highlighting passages, phrases and Christel's thoughts… I have picked it up after having read all of it and re-read various sections so that I can return to a place of clarity that I arrived at when I first read it…I purchased copies for friends that I know could use this gentle encouragement and the opportunity to use these experiences to reflect on their own situations.”

 “This is a book I can pick up time and again to rediscover a sound bit of hope, joy or validation. This is my go-to gift this year.”

“These stories are excellent reminders about what really matters in life. When things break, when we lose, when we hurt – the lessons in this book help us remember that there's always something to be grateful for. In a world this divided, this is the type of thinking we could all afford to adopt.”


workshop reviews

"The Mindful Gratitude Workshop is a wonderful thing to offer in a workplace. It allows staff to come together, step back from their work, focus in on what really matters, and perhaps shift their perspective about what they do every day, and why.  Staff emerge from the workshop calmer and more centered, with a deeper appreciation of their colleagues, and bringing a whole new energy to their work. "

- Anna Benton, Chief Administrative Officer, Saint A

"This is the best training I've ever attended." 

- Chris Rosin, Nonprofit Program Manager

 "I would highly recommend the Mindful Gratitude Workshop. It changed my entire way of thinking. I believe that I will have more peace in my life as I approach it from a place of gratitude." 

- Bevin Christy, Director of Career Readiness and Community Engagement, Carmen Schools of Science & Technology

 “I was surprised how easily the words came out of me. Christel really made the group feel welcome and safe to share. I don't normally journal, but this workshop opened up a new facet of how to journal that I hadn't thought of before. We will use the skills we learned.”

 “The experience was wonderful. It came at a perfect time for me.”

 “I thought it was a perfect way to begin my day after a rather sleepless night. Meditation, reading and thinking and writing about my life gave me just the reset I needed.”

“I thought the whole workshop was amazing!!! I have started my daily appreciation journaling!!!”

“The workshop was great, and I really liked the way it was structured.”

“I love the book and truly enjoyed the day. Thank you!”

“Thanks for a great workshop! I really enjoyed it!”